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4 Signs of a Behind-the-Wall Water Leak

9/25/2020 (Permalink)

The longer the leak has been there, the more damage it will cause and the more costly it will be to remedy the situation

Four Signs There Is a Water Leak Behind Your Wall

A water leak is never expected for a business owner in Miami Lakes, FL. It can be pricey, especially if the leak has escaped detection for a long time. Here are four signs that there is a water leak behind your wall:

1. Damp Floor
A damp floor may be the first noticeable sign that you have a leaking pipe behind your wall. The floor will be consistently damp, or may even puddle.

2. Wall or Ceiling Stains
You may notice discoloration of your wall or ceiling. This water damage means that the leak is significant enough or has been there long enough to soak through. This is likely to eventually lead to the growth of mold and/or mildew on your wall.

3. Musty Odor
Moisture behind your walls will inevitably result in mold if it is there long enough. Since mold can start growing within 48 hours of a water leak, it can be a big problem by the time you notice that there’s an issue. Mold will emit a musty odor. One way to check for mold is by smelling electrical outlets, since they provide an opening to the inside of the wall.

4. Water Bill Increase
As a business owner, you may not be involved with the utility bills first-hand, but a spike in the cost of water for your business over a short period of time is a reason for concern. It could mean that you have a significant leak such as a pipe break behind your walls. The increase in your water bill could, financially, be the most critical factor of all.
When you have a water leak in the wall for a prolonged period of time, the wall doesn’t have a chance to dry. The problem continues to get worse. It’s best to hire remediation experts who can do a thorough job of finding the leak and quickly resolving all issues involved. 

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