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Why Working With a Local Restoration Franchise Matters

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO green vehicles SERVPRO of Miami Lakes captures this idea, “Faster to any size disaster.”

Why It's Important to Work with a Local Restoration Franchise?

If your company is one of the thousands that must deal with a disaster in any given year, you will have options for who you partner with to get your business up and running again. Working with a local commercial restoration company in Miami Lakes, FL makes a lot of sense, especially one that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. A company that is on call 365 days a year, day or night, means technicians will arrive on the scene in two hours or less after being called. This has important implications for your company as it could speed up your recovery and reduce damages and expenses.

The Value of a Fast Response
No matter the nature of the disaster, whether it is a storm, flooding, or a fire, a quick response by trained workers makes a big difference. Within the first few hours, SERVPRO technicians can accomplish a lot:

  • Secure the scene against additional damages
  • Take safety precautions for employees and clients
  • Remove water from the building, if needed
  • Inspect the building for damages
  • Make a plan for recovery and restoration
  • Begin to document damages and repairs

A Faster to Any Size Disaster philosophy places a priority on quick and effective action. Technicians come to the scene prepared with the right equipment and the knowledge to handle any situation.

The Importance of the Insurance Claim
A restoration company that is a preferred vendor for many U.S. insurance companies, will help with the facilitation of insurance matters. That means taking advantage of the efficiency of an electronic claims service that provides quick and accurate documentation for your insurance carrier. This enables claims to be processed quickly and accurately, resulting in timely reimbursement for covered damages.

A local company that stakes its reputation on a Faster to Any Size Disaster approach understands the needs of your company in a difficult time.  It offers the quickest path forward after a storm or fire.

Why You Need a Certified Mold Remediation Professional

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Why is it important to hire a certified mold remediation company?

Why You Need a Certified Mold Remediation Professional

A certified mold cleanup and remediation contractor has completed coursework, developed specific skills, and met certain requirements established by industry organizations. This type of professional may even have validation from more than one standard-establishing organizations. There are many ways to earn these credentials:

  • Completion of coursework through the United
  • States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Participation in classes recommended by the
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and
  • Restoration Certification
  • Successful completion of licensing and certification courses locally or online

When you need a reliable technician to handle mold cleanup in your Miami Gardens, FL, home, it's important to choose a licensed, certified agency.

The Importance of Hiring Professionals
Why is it important to hire a certified mold remediation company? One of the first reasons for you to hire a certified mold professional is that your insurance provider probably prefers this step. When you choose a technician who has met the requirements to achieve these credentials, there's a better chance that the work will be completed satisfactorily.

The Risks Associated With Mold Contamination
Another decisive reason to hire professionals with mold certification is that it gives you confidence that remediation services are completed reliably. Mold can cause serious long-term damage, especially if pockets of mold growth are overlooked. Homeowners without a thorough understanding of mold could unknowingly cause further damage:

  • Improperly treated mold can negatively impact your property value.
  • Extensive mold growth can mean that you need to replace the entire flooring and structure of rooms in your home.
  • When mold threatens the structural integrity of your home or foundation, the home could end up being condemned.

The Need for Specialized Equipment
Professionals with appropriate training and certification often have access to equipment and supplies that other companies don't have. These qualified technicians are prepared to contain spores during remediation to prevent further spread. The workers can often locate the presence of mold using testing devices in areas of the home that you haven't yet identified. Thorough mold remediation requires specialized supplies; traditional cleaners aren't sufficient.
If you suspect mold in your home, reach out to certified mold cleanup and remediation professionals. This is the best way to be sure mold is cleaned up appropriately.

Do You Need a Flood Policy?

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

Flood Policy Insurance For Commercial Business

Even if your Pembroke Pines, FL, business is operating in the middle of the desert, there's no guarantee that your property is safe from flooding. Sadly, just one inch of flooding can leave thousands of dollars of water damage. The only way to be sure your business can recover from even a minor flood is by adding a flood policy to your commercial insurance.

High-Risk Flood Zones
If you live in a high-risk flood area, you may be required to carry flood insurance. How can you tell if you are legally required to purchase a flood policy? You can read the guidelines posted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to learn more:

  • Refer to FEMA flood maps. If your area is marked with an A or V, you are located in a high-risk area.
  • Find relevant FEMA maps here.
  • Do you have a federally backed mortgage? If you do and your area is in a high-risk zone, you must purchase commercial insurance for flooding.
  • Even if you aren't located in a high-risk zone, discuss your risks with your insurance company.

You may feel pretty safe from flooding if your property isn't within an area of risk, but there are several reasons to still consider a flood policy.

Moderate- to Low-Risk Zones
According to findings from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in the four-year period between 2014 and 2018, more than 40 percent of the National Flood Insurance Program flood claims came from areas outside of the high-risk zones. As a property owner in a moderate- or low-risk zone, you may qualify for a lower-cost policy.

Unexpected Emergencies
If you've never experienced flooding before, you should still consider water damage risk due to unmaintained or damaged drainage systems, flash floods from summer storms or melting snow, broken water mains, or new construction in your part of Pembroke Pines, FL. Anyone of these situations could cause flooding where it has never happened before.
Flood damage can be corrected through the efforts of water damage cleanup and restoration professionals, but your commercial property insurance will only cover the damages if you have the correct policies in place.

Restoring Items After Mold: What To Know

3/24/2020 (Permalink)

Mold cleaning in Miramar, FL

Here's What You May Want To Know

When your Miramar, FL, home faces a mold problem, mold cleaning may be the best option. During this time the prospect of decontaminating your home can seem daunting. Fortunately, a local team of professionals can help. This even includes restoring your household items. Here’s what you may want to know.

1. Items Can Be Restored

One of the first things to understand about mold damage is that it can affect your household items as well as the structure. Fortunately, many of these items may be salvageable. Contact a professional for mold remediation services, including item cleaning, and consult them about which items can be restored as well as the best restoration method to use.

2. Methods May Vary By Item Type

It’s important to note that there are many different ways to conduct mold cleaning when it comes to household items. Each cleaning method will depend on the mold damage severity the item has incurred, and well as what material components make up the item. In many cases, cloth items can be washed with a special cleaner, while paper documentation may need to be sent to a restoration professional.

3. A Professional Can Help

Anytime you believe you have a mold problem it’s important to contact a local mold remediation service for help. These professionals have the training needed to test for and remove any present mold from your home while preventing it’s spread to other locations. They will also have the tools and cleaners needed to help restore any household items that may have been affected.

During a mold cleaning, you may feel comforted to know that many of your personal items can be saved. It is, however, important to consult a professional about which items are salvageable, and what cleaning solution to use. The exact cleaning method will depend on the item type, and how bad the damage is. Fortunately, a mold restoration service can help.

Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce: Major Commander

4/11/2018 (Permalink)

Major Ruiz with the Marketing Team

Presentation of Major Javier Ruiz, Town Commander

We participated in the Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon today. The main speaker was Major Javier Ruiz, Town Commander of the Police force.

Major Ruiz has over 22 years of experience. He started his career as a police officer in the Miami-Dade Police Department, then he was assigned to the NW District which he then patrolled the Town of Miami Lakes area and surrounding unincorporated areas.

He continued growing in his career. In September 2017 he was promoted as the Town Commander and returned where he started: Miami Lakes.

In view of the recent events in parkland (mass shooting) he talked about safety in the work environment and made some recommendations like knowing the nearest exits, being aware of the surroundings and be aggressive when being hurt even if the person does not like to show aggression.

During a dangerous situation, Major Javier Ruiz said there are differences responses that a person does when he/she is in that position: People either freeze, fight, or flee the area, so be aware and conscientious always during those times. Make the best, wise decisions.

He also recommended we should have an emergency plan in regards to these situations to have assurance of the safety in others, like having full contact of your employees just in case they flee we will know where they went. As well, treating this situation like if it was for your family members, that’s how they teach them in the Police Academy.

We thank again Major Javier Ruiz for this wonderful presentation, just like us in SERVPRO of Miami Lakes, we want to ensure the safety of others before it is too late during in case of difficult times!

GMBHA Evening Networker

2/28/2018 (Permalink)

GMBHA members

SERVPRO of Miami Lakes is very involved throughout the community and especially in the Hotel industry. We were part of their Networker event for Greater Miami & The Beaches Association. It was a great time to experience different General Managers in the hotel industries. The connections that we had made were great. It was a true reminder on helping service the community around us.

With that being said, GMBHA is an organization to promote interest to their members by advocacy, education and of course indeed partnerships that had advanced Miami as visitors in a choice manner. Not only that they are responsible to make they are advocating on key issues that in the hotel industry, and for us as SERVPRO of Miami Lakes/Doral to be as highly aware of what is truly going on, not only that to help build strong rapport to these prospective clients, discuss their issues. This organization is part as an advocate to the local, state and national levels.

They are known for so many events over 45 of them including breakfast, evening networkers, seminars and luncheons featuring industry leaders throughout the year. This organization has shown great gratitude to us, and helping them as well to check out on how we can help them in case of emergencies, not only that but in other ways to help in the hotel industry. There are other clients that we had served and they are also part of the organization as well. Being connected to other organization can ensure SERVPRO of Miami Lakes productivity and growth in helping the community; making sure we are the premier cleaning and restoration company in the world. We have to continue on growing as a team. As a team we can become successful. As a team we can make it into a reality. We are truly are grateful to serve the community as a whole.

Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

1/29/2018 (Permalink)

As SERVPRO of Miami Lakes,  we are active in the community and especially in the Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce. We had a luncheon on January 10th, 2017. The main speaker, Mayor Manny Cid was discussing about the transportation and traffic that Miami Lakes as a whole and the changes that were being changed in regards to that. There were little cars that are being added to the community that can transport place to place absolutely free called the “Freebee” in the Miami Lakes area, this is such a great opportunity, less cars in the road and less traffic that is surely needed in the city.

The traffic had increased overtime and the population in the area has well. They had been implementing ideas yearly to enforce less traffic and had a plan to raise funds for this concept of reducing traffic.

In Miami Lakes as well the Town Council and residents will be making one of their biggest decisions for their own town’s future. They will be choosing a new town manager and a field of candidates to fill up four council. He also mentioned and the town manager Alex Rey’s legislative abilities to accomplish goals and objectives for their Miami Lakes Strategic & Master Plans in 2017 should serve as a model in the future.

                As well, the town will eventually experience more ability to move around in N.W. 59 Ave and N.W. 79 Court after the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization’s governing board approved $2 million project, which included variety of things in the city like new sidewalks, safe pedestrian crossings, and bike lanes along the roads of N.W. 59 Ave between N.W. 154 & 176 Streets.

This will start this new Cid said, the changes in the Miami Lakes Area. This will make the difference in the area we live in.